You’re going through something. I want to help.

Maybe it came out of nowhere, maybe it’s something you’re anticipating, or maybe, now that you’re in it, things just aren’t going as planned. Everything around you feels different, and you’re struggling to find a sense of balance. Or maybe you’re different, but no one else seems to have noticed, and you feel lonely and disconnected in your relationships. You may even be wondering how you got here, where you’re going, and who you are.

I want to help you feel more grounded and less alone as we seek answers to these questions and start to make sense of your new reality.

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I offer the following services in-person in Redondo Beach, as well as virtually throughout the state of California.

Individual Therapy
Therapy for Teens
Couples Therapy

Rates & Insurance

Individual Therapy

$160 per 50-minute session

Couples Therapy

$160 per 50-minute session
$240 per 80-minute session


I do not currently accept insurance due to the limitations in mental health coverage.

I am happy to provide superbills for out-of-network coverage with PPO plans. Plans vary greatly, but I can help you determine if you’re eligible for mental health coverage through your provider.