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Goodbye summer, goodbye Walla Walla

On Friday, I squeezed into my trusty 1997 Toyota Camry, headed down Main St., stopped at the Graze drive-in on 9th for a breakfast panini and coffee, and hit the open road.


Last hurrahs in Walla Walla

In the days leading up to my departure from Walla Walla, I did my best to go out with a bang…

Roller derby is my new favorite sport

I know I’m late to jump on the bandwagon with this one (since that movie about roller derby starring Ellen Page called “Whip It” came out in 2009).

Small-town summer shenanigans, continued

July in Eastern Oregon/Washington is just rife with exciting small-town festivals. This past weekend, the trifecta of rural events was made complete as Milton-Freewater’s Logs to Frogs Chainsaw Carving Competition joined the Caledonian Games and Sweet Onion Festival.

Small-town summer shenanigans

First, please appreciate the alliterative blog post title. I know, it’s really rad and right now your socks are blown off. Or maybe they aren’t because you’ve come to expect these types of antics from a degree holder in literature. Whatever.