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The next move: Au pairing in France

Since graduating college, I’ve been restless and nomadic, and I’m not ready to give that up yet. So I’m moving back to France, this time as an au pair.


Forays into French bureaucracy: Trop-perçu de salaire

TAPIF payed me for an extra month of work, I immediately notified them of their mistake, and now, six months later, they want the money back.


In English, we say “goodbye” no matter if someone’s leaving for a little while, for a long time, or even forever. In French, au revoir and adieu both mean “goodbye.” Au revoir is goodbye for now. Adieu is goodbye forever. Today I said adieu to TAPIF.

Le Cahier

If the typical French cahier—rigid and (overly)organized often to the point of inefficiency—is representative of French education, my students’ cahiers d’anglais are definitely representative of my teaching style.

Forays into French bureaucracy: The CAF, revisited

Even when you try your darndest to be one step ahead, you end up falling three steps back.