Category Forays into French Bureaucracy

Forays into French Bureaucracy: La Direccte

Once you’ve found your French host family and have negotiated and drawn up the terms of your contract, the next step is to get it officially signed, stamped and validated by la Direccte.


Forays into French bureaucracy: Trop-perçu de salaire

TAPIF payed me for an extra month of work, I immediately notified them of their mistake, and now, six months later, they want the money back.

Forays into French bureaucracy: The CAF, revisited

Even when you try your darndest to be one step ahead, you end up falling three steps back.

Forays into French bureaucracy: The OFII

In which I take a day trip to Toulouse for a date with snooty French government doctors and an X-ray machine.

Forays into French bureaucracy: Sécurité Sociale

French social security numbers, doctor’s visits and the much-anticipated return of the translated, apostille-laden birth certificate.