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Running. Updates & Upgrades

Running: Metaphorically, it’s all I’ve been doing for years. At the end of September, I stopped running and moved back to the United States. And since moving back, I’ve been moving forward.


5 years ago, 5 years later

Five years ago I was about to turn 20. I had just finished my sophomore year at Whitman. I was about to start blogging. And I was about to move to France for the first time.

Freshly Pressed

I got home late Thursday night to find over 100 Wordpress notification emails for new likes, reblogs, comments, and followers. Either I’m being massively spammed…or….maybe…could I have been Freshly Pressed?

Shifting focus: A Week in Portugal

I still thrive on travel and adventure, but I travel differently.

A Strange Kind of Homesickness

The only stable home I’ve had as an adult hasn’t been tangible. It’s been me. My identity. My self. I’m homesick for the person I used to be.