Very Inspiring Blogger Award

vib-awardLast week I was nominated twice for the VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD. The first nomination came from Dana, a fellow francophile, feminist and former TAPIFer (how’s that for alliteration?) who currently lives and works in Northern France as a lectrice. And the second nomination came from Anne, one of my very best friends and my Whitman French major mentee who is currently TAPIFing in Northern France. (Dana and Anne both live in the same town, and often have awesome adventures together.)

Thank you for nominating me, Dana and Anne!


  • Thank and link the person(s) who nominated you.
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other blogs you enjoy, and let them know you have nominated them.


  1. I recently bought a fourth bookcase and reorganized all of my books to maximize shelf space, but I’m still over capacity (and have no room for another bookcase). And I can’t stop buying books.
  2. I took modern dance classes from the age of four through the end of high school—that’s 14 dance recitals! And I have them all on DVD.
  3. After two years with my trusty Olympus EPL-2 camera, I finally took a photo class and learned how manually manipulate its settings. Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, I’m coming for you.
  4. In college, I worked on the staff of the student newspaper and was in a sorority.
  5. I hate working at desks. I like working at tables, on beds, on couches, on the floor… (But I do like desks as organizational spaces.)
  6. I was on my high school’s Model UN team (one of the best in the country) despite being so nervous about giving speeches that I often cried from anxiety the mornings before conferences. I stuck with it and won Best Delegate of my committee at my very last conference. (I’m more confident with my oratory skills these days, but still get butterflies.)
  7. Every year, when my family and I decorate our Christmas tree, my younger brother and I get embroiled in a ornament-hanging war. He purposefully puts ornaments too close together (sometimes multiple on the same branch!) or puts the fragile ones in precarious places to vex me. Control freak Cara comes out in full force. I usually end up shrieking.


Cómo perderse en España—Ashley was one of my housemates and fellow TAPIFers in Auch and is one of my closest friends. A proud Newfie, she currently lives in Northern Spain with her Spanish boyfriend where she works as an auxiliar de conversación (the Spanish version of TAPIF). She blogs about teaching, the Auxiliar program, identity, travel, and vegetarian restaurants.

The Top-Bunk Philosopher—Tricia was my other half at Whitman (the EIC to my Managing Editor) and is one of my best friends. She currently lives in Dongying, China where she teaches English. She has also lived in India and traveled all over the world. And her writing is exquisite.

Anne à l’Aventure—In addition to chronicling her life in France and her travel adventures, Anne writes introspective, thoughtful, and purposeful posts about life as a nomadic twenty-something. She’s also a beautiful person and wonderfully supportive friend.

As Told by Dana—Dana is one of my new contacts in the blogosphere. In addition to informative posts for expats in France, she shares authentic and relatable personal experiences and doesn’t shy away from heavy topics.

La Nomade Moderne—Sarah was a TAPIFer in the Périgueux the same year as me and Ashley. Her site documents her time studying abroad in Nantes, her experience TAPIFing, various travel and culinary adventures, and her current life in Seattle.

Mot-valise—Natalie is another TAPIFer blogging about life in la douce France. She’s has a really engaging, witty, and approachable writing style. And she has a whole post analyzing changes made to the French language version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Villanelles & Wanderlust—Karah is another Whitman friend and former housemate, currently teaching English in Germany through the Fulbright program. She writes about Germany and German culture, teaching, and travel.

Nomad News—A collaborative writing space curated (and mostly authored) by my Whitman friend Caitlin who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. The various correspondents (I’m technically one of them, though I rarely post—sorry, Caitlin!), write about life abroad and in various U.S. cities. Posts range from reporting on cultural and current events to travel writing, photography, and creative non-fiction.

*There aren’t 15 blogs I read consistently, so I broke the rules here. Oops…


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  1. Congrats! Fact #7 is my favorite 🙂

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