Tortilla soup ambush

I ambushed you with the soup you

You were tired.
Surprised. Overwhelmed. Irritated.

          imposed upon

I tried to be cute and nice. The ideal cliché
girlfriend who brings you
soup when you’re sick.

You pushed up my skirt to see
my panties.

“They’re silk,” you said. But
I’m pretty sure they’re polyester.
I felt like chattel.

We sat in               silence.
Nothing to say beyond small talk.
No mediocre sex to fill it.

I told you I missed you. Justification —
for the presents,
and my presence.

You didn’t say anything back.

What I meant to say
— should have said was
I needed to see you. 

I needed to know
for certain. To know that it’s not
All. In. My head.

We called it a night.
I stood slumped against
the wall in the hallway of your building.

To take a breath. To collect myself.
It was never about the soup;

It was the rejection.

 — 24 March 2014



  1. Jamie · · Reply

    Beautiful poem. Reading it makes one feel the anguish you were suffering; but also makes one admire the structure and beauty and words of the poem itself.

    1. Thanks, Mom. I adapted it from a journal entry.

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