School Picture Day recess

School Picture Day recess.

Button-downs chasing soccer balls down the field.
Maxi dresses hanging from the monkey bars.
A clip-on tie flapping from a breast pocket.
Strappy sandals abandoned under the swing set.

Polo shirts playing tag with sun dresses.
Dress shoes running through the grass;
Beige lace digging, insolent, in dusty brown bark chips.

Ribbons falling out of hair;
Hair that won’t stay combed and parted.
Inky blue smudges on a chin.
Flushed red cheeks and foreheads glistening with sweat.

I slather on sunscreen and empty my Nalgene—
The third time this morning.

Moving from shady spot to shady spot,
Evading 90-degree weather,
Waiting for the bell to ring—
The promise of 15 air-conditioned minutes.

School Picture Day recess.


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