Photos taken along the Columbia River Gorge

I drove east from Portland with the sun at my back (and in my rearview mirror) and Walla Walla as my weekend destination.

The Columbia River Gorge was a-glow in the light of the sinking sun.

I-84 East

US-730 East

Wallula Gap, US-12 East

Wallula Gap, US-12 East

Wallula Gap, US-12 East

This part of the country will always feel like home to me.



  1. Wow, such beautiful views! I’m excited to have the chance to visit eastern Washington for the first time in a couple of weeks!

    1. It’s a wonderful place (though I’m biased having lived there for 4 years…). Where in Eastern Washington are you going to be?

      1. I’ve got the same kind of bias for the Puget Sound as I was a student here! I’ll be in Mazama, though now looking at it on a map, I’d really call that north-central Washington? My boyfriend says that it’s eastern Washington, but he’s from Bellingham, so what does he know. He’s practically a canuck!

        Any places you’d recommend I visit, in true-blue Eastern WA?

      2. Well Mazama is more eastern than Bellingham.

        I would definitely recommend a visit to Walla Walla someday (though being in the extreme SE corner of the state, it’d be a bit of a trek for you this time). It’s got small-town charm but also a slight metropolitan edge due to a bustling wine scene and all the gourmet restaurants and gentrification that comes along with that. The drive in and out is beautiful–surrounded by rolling wheat fields and vineyards. It’s great spring-fall, weather-wise. There’s a lot of interesting (and dark) local history, too, centering on Westward expansion and relations with the Native American populations. Waitsburg and Dayton are fun littler towns slightly more east out of WW that can make for a good day trip.

  2. JenTee · · Reply

    I am from just west of Portland and no matter where I am in the world I consider the Northwest home. These pictures make me so nostalgic!

    1. I’m a smitten PNW transplant 😉

      Glad you enjoyed the photos!

  3. Jamie · · Reply

    Lovely photos. I remember traveling that same route with you and spotting all those waterfalls….

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