From Western Europe to the Pacific Northwest

Traveling for six weeks and attempting to blog about those travels at the same time is hard, to say the least. It’s even harder if you take more photos than you can efficiently edit without your eyes shriveling up from staring at a computer screen for an extended period of time.

After wanderlusting through Italy, Istanbul, Greece, Paris and England, it was time for an intensive three weeks vegetating in Hermosa Beach readjusting to life in the States.

Western Europe to Pacific Northwest

I went on shopping trips and a trip to the dentist. I caught up with friends and family. I got back in touch with my beach girl roots.

Hermosa Beach Pier Hermosa Beach

Before I knew it, it was time to pack up my life (again) and hit the open road to start the next chapter of my life in Portland, Ore.

Road trip

At the end of my last day of teaching in Auch, I logged into my still-functioning Whitmail account to find an email titled “Summer Nanny Job in Portland, OR.”

Nannying being something I’m qualified to do and Portland being somewhere I’d like to be, I opened the email and read it with eager eyes. When I’d finished my heart was racing.

A Portland-based Whitman alumni family was looking for an “active, positive role model to watch and interact with” their two kids for the summer. Oh, and the kids both attend a French immersion school.

Opportunity was knocking and I rushed to answer the door.

A week later, after a friendly and detailed email exchange and a meet-and-greet over Skype, I had a summer job.

The next hurdle was housing, and it was quickly overcome by a string of emails to my best friend, freshman-year roommate turned junior- and senior-year housemate, and partner in crime, Binta, whose parents have generously opened their home, fridge and bounteous garden to me for the summer.

Ma chambre

I drove up last weekend and stopped in San Francisco where I got to reunite with Sally, my best friend from high school.

Dolores Park, San Francisco

Full House, San Francisco

Twin Monkeys

I’ve spent this week settling in, reading Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In (and embracing my angry and emboldened inner feminist), navigating around town with the Google Maps iPhone app, binging on “Catfish” (the movie and TV show) with Binta, and, of course, bonding with Ronin and Suki (my summer cats).


Work starts today!



  1. Jamie · · Reply

    Best of luck in your summer job! Don’t you love San Francisco? And I’m sure you’re getting to know and love Portland as well, at least in the summertime.

    1. I do love San Francisco! (And Portland, too. Especially with no rain.)

  2. Linda Fredricks · · Reply

    You’re two hours away from the farm!!

    1. I know! I was thinking about that on the drive up as I passed signs for Eugene and Corvalis. Expect an email soon attempting to arrange a visit!

  3. Binta · · Reply

    I’m so glad to have you here!!!! YAY!

  4. Bryant · · Reply

    Oh my, you drove past signs for Corvallis! Yeah, you are stateside! What an awesome road trip.

    1. I did indeed drive past Corvalis signs (and thought of you).

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