Springtime: So Gers

Branches burdened by blossoms buzzing with bees, petals floating in the wind.

Cherry blossoms, Auch

Daisies, violets and dandelions poking their heads up out of the grass.

Spring buds, Auch

And weeping willows, springy and green.

Weeping willow, Auch

Dusty backroads.

Dusty backroads, Gers

And sleepy bastides (a breed of village built around a central marketplace).

Cologne, Gers

Golden walls and terra cotta roofs.

Porte d'Arton, Auch

Peeling paint over crumbling brick and rotting wood.

Sarrant, Gers

And the white-tipped peaks of the Pyrénées playing hide-and-seek with low-lying clouds.


Cats perched precariously on wrought-iron windowsills, curtains dancing in the breeze.

Quarante-sept, Auch

And black cats crossing your path.

Black cat, Auch

Living to eat. Fresh-picked strawberries and market asparagus.

Thursday market, Auch

And bookshops that double as restaurants.

Librairie Tartinerie, Sarrant

Picnics in the park, sipping Floc from plastic cups.

Picnic, Condom

And lazy evenings on the roof with LIDL’s finest cidre.

Evenings on the roof, Auch

Carved stone churches, cool and earthy like well water.

Cemetery chapel, Auch

Kaleidoscopic light filtered through stained-glass windows.

Cathédrale Sainte-Marie d'Auch

And the warm smell of melted wax.

Chapelle de Cahuzac, Gers

Poetic war memorials.

WWI/II memorial, Auch

And pétanque with octogenarians in the park beside the river.

Pétanque, Auch

Pétanque, Auch

The land of d’Artagnan: All for one and one for all.

Mousquetaires, Condom


This spring I’ve been feeling quite Gersoise.

So Gers

And while spring will be replaced by summer, I don’t think I’ll ever feel quite ready to leave.



  1. Ashley · · Reply

    resto + bookshop is my favourite. Thanks for letting me be a star in your latest blog.
    ps. the Gers is the most beautiful! Aching for it.

    1. This year was too good. It’s going to be so hard to leave it behind!

  2. Aw so sweet…I’ve been missing my beloved Dordogne lately. And I’ve not even been gone a week!

  3. Ethan · · Reply

    Love the beautiful pictures and words!

  4. Jamie · · Reply

    Beautiful and touching.

  5. Ces photos sont trop belles. When do you come back to the US?

    1. Merci mon chou! I currently packing in some final travels and get home June 9.

  6. carlitos · · Reply

    loved it!!! I was actually in one photo! missing the Gers more than ever!

    1. Me, too! Wish we were back on the roof right now!

  7. […] visit (but maybe not in the dead of winter). It also made me extremely nostalgic for my time in le Gers, and especially for the tight-knit community of expats friends I had […]

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