1. I am amazed that they let foreign English teachers have access to their aid programs at all! Germany’s biggest worry with visas and immigration seems to be that one will take advantage of their social safety net. If I made a claim on any of those services, my visa would be terminated. Yikes. France is apparently more relaxed about it!

    1. That’s really interesting! Yeah, we’re being entered into the French social security system and everything—I suspect it’s because we’re being employed and paid by the French government (a good chunk of our salaries is eaten away by taxes, but still…)

  2. Marisa · · Reply

    *French socialism at its finest
    I wouldn’t annoyingly point out corrections for anyone else, but seeing as it’s you…

    1. Appreciated and corrected.

  3. […] other news, I got word today that my application for the CAF was approved. I’ll be getting nearly 200 euros back each month as housing aid! […]

  4. […] back in November I got word that my dossier for the CAF was approved, granting me the droit to roughly 200 euros a month as housing […]

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