Forays into French bureaucracy: CROUS

Today I received an email from someone who works for the Académie de Toulouse titled “logement au sein de CROUS.” CROUS is the sub-branch of the French university system that oversees university housing, among other things.

When my fellow Académie de Toulouse TAPIFers and I received our arrêtés de nomination at the end of June, included with the work contract, information about the region, and personalized contact information were forms alerting us of the possibility of applying for CROUS housing.

I initially thought this was fantastic: Hoorah! I can live in university housing on the cheap and meet French university students! Sign me up!

Upon further inspecting the forms and doing some basic Googling, however, I discovered that there are only certain cities in the Académie de Toulouse that actually have CROUS accommodation. Auch does not, so I ignored CROUS and ended up finding other housing.

Today’s email, which alerted me that I did not receive CROUS accommodation and would be placed on the waiting list, thus came as quite a surprise. How can I be on a waiting list for something when I never applied for it?

Apparently, instead of figuring out who had applied for CROUS and letting them know they didn’t get it, they decided to email all 100+ of us about it and ignite several threads of confused frustration on the Toulouse Assistants Facebook page.

I’m starting to wonder if these kinds of organizational snafus are only frustrating to foreigners trying to participate in the system, or if French people find them just as ridiculous.


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