Last hurrahs in Walla Walla

In the days leading up to my departure from Walla Walla, I did my best to go out with a bang…

1. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare at the Powerhouse Theater

2. Homemade (slightly failed but still delicious) macarons

3. Fine dining

4. Bar hopping

5. A haircut

6. A quest for wild blackberries

And cobbler…

7. One last late-night visit to the library



  1. Macarons are always delicious!!

  2. Those blackberries look luscious as does your cobbler! What beautiful surroundings in which to pick them. Wish I had been there for that… (and for some of that duck and eggplant).

  3. Your thesis is in the library for all the world to see (and for French-speakers to read)!!

  4. […] and finishing up my last shifts at work, crossing off a few last-minute items from the dub dub bucket list, saying numerous insufficient goodbyes, feeling like that alumna who had overstayed her welcome as […]

  5. wanderlustinfreiburg · · Reply

    Your thesis! Also, I miss you and Walla Walla.

    1. I miss you, too! And I’m excited for you about your veganism (though I will be eating lots of stereotypically non-vegan German things when I visit you).

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