Culinary adventure: Leek and two-cheese tart

Last week’s Made in Walla Walla Box veggie was leeks!

I know leeks are aromatics and can thus be treated similarly to onions. I also know that they are often paired with potatoes to make soup. I, however, did not want soup on a sweltering August day, nor did I want to do boring old onion things to them.

So, I consulted my good friend Google who led me to my other good(ish) criminal friend, Martha Stewart and her leek and olive two-cheese tart, which seemed like the perfect solution. Spoiler—it was.

I had no qualms about rushing out to buy puff pastry, more parmesan cheese and some camembert, but for some reason I drew the line at olives. I just didn’t feel like buying a whole jar (since I’m leaving Walla Walla at the end of the month), and besides, neither grocery store I went to had nicoise olives anyway…

For this reason, I simply made a leek and two-cheese tart. It was scrumptious (I ate two-thirds of it for dinner and the other third for brunch the next day).

It was flaky, salty, aromatic-y and creamy all at the same time.


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