Culinary adventure: Cobblers and pies galore

Early this week, I made two delicious baked fruit confections two days in a row: a cobbler and a pie.

A veritable two-day (if not longer thanks to leftovers) sugar high ensued.

What’s the difference between a cobbler and a pie? you may be wondering.

The main difference is that while a pie contains a bottom crust, a cobbler does not. And often, the bready part of the cobbler is just that—more bready—than a flaky pie crust. Ours had a cake-like batter that incorporated almond meal.

Sunday morning, Karah and I went over to our friend Alyssa’s house (Alyssa has air conditioning) and made a terrific apricot almond cobbler. We’d gotten apricots as the fruit in our MWWBs (Alyssa shares a MWWB with one of her housemates) and had more than enough to spare.

Then Monday, I decided it was high time for me to make another peach and blueberry pie because:


2) I’d recently purchased more peaches from the farmer’s market because I can’t see beautiful, delicious-smelling, in season peaches and not buy them.

3) It was only a high of 81° that day so I figured Karah and I wouldn’t die of heat stroke if I had the oven on.


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