Small-town summer shenanigans

First, please appreciate the alliterative blog post title. I know, it’s really rad and right now your socks are blown off. Or maybe they aren’t because you’ve come to expect these types of antics from a degree holder in literature. Whatever.

So last weekend, Karah and I decided to ditch our weekly radio show (it’s ok, we have roughly 2.7 regular listeners—if you’re interested though, tune in tomorrow morning from 10-12 by visiting this website). Instead of playing random hipster music off the shelves of CDs, we attended two exciting small-town festivals: the Caledonian Games in Athena, Ore.(a.k.a. rural Oregon’s take on Scotland’s Highland Games) and the Sweet Onion Festival in good ol’ Walla Walla. It was a marvelous decision.

We got up bright and early and headed to Athena first, only to be awed by such wonders as:

1. Men in kilts buying things from vendors selling everything from Scottish scarves to weird purses embroidered with cats.

2. Competitive sheep herding

3. Delicious pie donuts (fruit filling in a turnover-like thing that had been deep fried and coated in a glazed-donut-like glaze)

4. Imposing displays of physical prowess (men throwing heavy weights over tall obstacles)

We couldn’t stay for the main events exhibiting such physical prowess because I had to be back in time to work at 1 later that day so we departed for Walla Walla to partake in the Sweet Onion Festival/eat bloomin’ onions for lunch (duh).


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  1. […] This past weekend, the trifecta of rural events was made complete as Milton-Freewater’s Logs to Frogs Chainsaw Carving Competition joined the previous weekend’s Caledonian Games and Sweet Onion Festival. […]

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