Road trip: Seattle

My housemate Karah is doing a summer research project with a professor who lives in Seattle. She and the other kid working on the project have to go meet with the professor about once a month. Karah scheduled the meeting for when I didn’t have work so that I could help with the driving and hang out in Seattle!

In addition to being a much-needed break from the Walla Walla’s recent heat wave (roughly a week of 100°F+ weather), friends were seen, adventures were had, and capitalism’s hold on America was further sustained much to the chagrin of my bank account.

We left Sunday night as soon as I got home from work (this resulted in us arriving in Seattle just a little before midnight). Karah and I were welcomed by our friend Shelly who’s in Seattle for a summer internship.

Monday morning I woke up early and sleep deprived to have coffee with one of my best high school friends, Sally. Sally was in Seattle training for her awesome new job working with Equal Exchange, a fair trade coffee company (Sally’s super in to coffee, she even has a coffee blog). Even though we only got to hang out for about an hour (she had to catch a plane to Boston for the final leg of her training), it was so good to catch up with an old friend and totally started the trip off right!

Later that morning, I pioneered Seattle’s bus system and met Shelly downtown for lunch. We went to this incredible, authentic French restaurant called Le Pichet where I dined on delicious frites and a sandwich jambon fromage and had some wine from the Côtes de Gascogne region (where Auch is!). It was the best.

Then we strolled around downtown and by the waterfront and went to a French bakery called Le Panier (look! a theme to the day!) where we bought too many macarons.

On Tuesday, my friend and soul twin Anne spent the day with us! I finally remembered to take along my fancy new camera so I have TONS of pictures (my favorites are the sneak ones I took of Karah to annoy her and lots of photos of Anne’s freckly shoulder).

Anyway, we had lots of fun roaming about and being touristy!

After lunch at a kimchi restaurant, we headed downtown and strolled through Pike Place Market.

Then we made our way to the Seattle Great Wheel (Seattle’s new ferris wheel! It only opened June 29 and has really cool, state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled gondolas—complete with narration of all the Seattle sites by an extremely hokey man).

Next we decided to take the ferry to Bainbridge Island (not because we actually wanted to do things there, but because we thought a ferry ride would be a fun pre-dinner activity).

Finally we had a delicious (and fancyish) dinner at Ivar’s Acres of Clams. I had too much food and some delightfully hoppy beer, and it was perfection.

The only negative was that on the way back to WW a rock hit my windshield and nicked it (it’s not destroyed or compromised in function, just blemished). You win some, you lose some.


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