It’s a Keith Urban kind of summer

One of my favorite things about living in small-town Eastern Washington is that there’s not just one, but TWO country music radio stations.

I have them both programmed on my car radio and toggle back and forth between them (when they’re not both simultaneously on commercial).

Country music has long been a guilty pleasure. I love it for so many reasons: catchy tunes, ridiculous lyrics or scenarios, country twang, sentimental emotions, etc.

According to the mugwumps of country (in this case the Eastern Washington country radio DJs), summer 2012 = Keith Urban. It’s getting a little ridiculous, but I love it all the same.

There’s just something kind of magical about driving around with the (country) radio cranked up and your windows down in sweltering dry heat, knowing you’re just minutes from rolling wheat fields.

It also helps that Keith has songs called things like “Long Hot Summer.”


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