Culinary adventure: Peaches! Yes!

Peaches are my favorite summer fruit. Scratch that. Favorite fruit. Period.

To supplement my MWWB, I go to the weekly farmer’s market. Peaches made their first appearance the weekend of June 30/July 1 but I deemed them unworthy (under-ripe) and was able to resist temptation until this last weekend (July 7/8).

They’re not the best peaches ever, but for one of the first harvests (and the first peaches I’ve had since last summer—I don’t put up with that canned crap) they are divine.

Yesterday I decided to throw sanity to the wind and bake a pie. In a 425° oven. In my house that doesn’t have AC. In 100° weather.

The insanity paid off in the form of a succulent peach and blueberry pie, made completely from scratch! The crust even has lavender in it, which I ground up in my new mortar and pestle (purchased for the occasion and any future lavender-inclusive culinary adventures).

By the time I remembered to take a picture, there was only one slice left. I ate it for breakfast this morning.

Because it’s too hot to move and I therefore haven’t been metabolizing too many calories, I haven’t been as ravenous as usual. For this reason, dinner tonight was made up of cold, leftover chow mein from Panda Express and a peach atop homemade (not by me, by some adorable local children) honey-lavender ice cream.


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