Culinary adventure: Swiss chard and sweet potato gratin

Last week’s MWWB vegetable was Swiss chard!

Like kale, it was another scary leafy green thing neither Sara nor I had ever encountered, so we gave it the same treatment: Google the shit out of it until you find an awesome (probably overly ambitious) recipe—and we did.

Swiss chard and sweet potato gratin.

It was labor intensive (you have to separate the chard stems from the leaves, cut them all up and sauté/wilt them, you have to make a béchamel sauce from scratch, then you have to layer the sweet potatoes and cheese and béchamel and herbs and chard in a dish, and then you have to bake it for an hour). BUT IT WAS SO, SO GOOD.

It’s creamy, it’s hearty, it’s sweet, it’s salty—it’s everything you could ever want.

We followed this recipe almost exactly to a T (but also added lavender to the spices because I have that in abundance).

We ate it as part of our 4th of July feast alongside turkey burgers, sautéed garlic scapes with parmesan cheese (I’m obsessed with garlic scapes now…) and a side salad .


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