She’s 22…

Monday was my birthday and one of my best college friends, Christa, came all the way to the dub dub to celebrate with me!

We got up to a host of exciting, Eastern-Washington-worthy adventures.

Commence highlight reel:

1. Jimgermanbar in Waitsburg, Wash.

To celebrate my last day being 21 (and because Jimgermanbar was not open Monday-Wednesday this week), Sara, Christa and I ventured 20 miles east to Waitsburg for fancy cocktails! Jimgermanbar had long been an unrealized item on our WW bucket lists. It was excellent—great drinks and a great ambiance.

Also, I FINALLY got to try a mint julep! (Deep down, I’m an old, tobacco-chewing southern man named Carl.)

2. Upon returning to the town so nice they named it twice, we couldn’t not go to Shari’s for my free slice of birthday pie!!! (And because, duh, it’s Shari’s.)

3. On my actual birthday we picnicked at the lavender farm again! And I splurged and bought even more lavender goodies, including a lavender cookbook! (I’m sure some recipes will crop up as imminent culinary adventures.)

4. Since it was such a nice day, we decided to bask in the fountain in front of Hunter. (Sorry, no pictures for this one either.)

5. That night, I met with the rest of my Between the Covers sistren to watch “Game of Thrones” and to eat the DELICIOUS banana cake that Shannon baked me from my mom’s recipe.

6. Tuesday was the day of consumption. Maple Counter for breakfast (I still have Christa’s and my leftovers…), poutine from Andrae’s Kitchen for lunch (pictured below), shopping on Main St., cider and wine tasting in Milton-Freewater and downtown WW, respectively, dinner at PhoSho, trivia night at the Red Monkey, and inaugurating the Room of Champions 2.0 with one of our wine purchases…

*About the title of this post: I’m still obsessed with Norah Jones’ Little Broken Hearts. There’s a song I LOVE called “She’s 22.” I thought it was apt.


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