Culinary adventure: Indian feast

This week, I got snap peas as my MWWB vegetable. Upon hearing the news, my housemate Karah (I know, it’s cute, we have homophonic names) immediately decided we were going to make samosas. But then we thought, “why stop there?!” and elected to make chicken curry as well.

After a quick run to Walmart for potatoes, the spices we were lacking and random, non-food-related items like toiletries, we were ready.

The samosas were SUPER labor-intensive. We made everything from scratch (minus the dough; instead we used tortillas about which I was skeptical, but which ultimately functioned magnificently). The only major mistake we made was not chopping up the potatoes before boiling them. This was remedied by waiting longer and gnashing our teeth in inner conflict.

Anyway, everything turned out DELICIOUSLY, and we have samosas for days.


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