So I went to Portland…

Last Wednesday, I ventured to Portland to take the DALF (a French proficiency test) but more importantly to hang out with some of my Whitman Alumni (yuck) besties.

The test was a test. Long, grueling, but doable. I’ll get the results sometime in the ambiguous future (pending delays caused by French bureaucracy). I had half of it on Wednesday and the other half on Friday, which meant that on Thursday, I was able to venture forth into the glories of P-Town with my homies.

Here are some of the many, many high points:

1. I stayed with my friend Binta. She has cats. (I am a self-proclaimed future cat lady.)

2. I got to commune with my inner hipster at the Pied Cow. (I’m still not sure if this was a highlight or not…)

3. I got to go to Powell’s, my favorite bookstore place on the planet. I was there for almost two hours, most of which was spent in the French section. Sadly, downtown Portland parking limits called me back to reality. On the other hand, had I stayed there, I probably would have spent all of my money. I did make some quality purchases: The English PatientL’Ere de supçonDirty French (a book of French slang—one of the gaping holes in my French know-how), and a little cheese journal (where you record your impressions of delicious cheeses you have sampled).

4. Strawberry mint lemonade in Binta’s backyard (the strawberries and mint grown on the premises, the lemonade from Trader Joe’s).

5. We lounged amongst some beautiful foliage in a park.

6. I drank the best IPA of my life. (I know this isn’t really saying much because I’m only almost 22 and have only avidly been into IPAs for several months, but OMG IT WAS SO GOOD. I love IPAs because of how light and floral they can be while at the same time being intensely bold and hoppy. This one was on the sweeter side—it tasted like honey. It was the BEST. EVER.)

7. Beautiful vistas of Mt. Hood on the drive. My friend, Katie, who took my French test with me, climbed Mt. Hood on our off day. WHAT?!


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  1. […] found out last Saturday that I succeeded in passing the DALF (that heinous French test I took in Portland a few weeks ago) at the C1 […]

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