Walla Walla Mansion Tour

Once you’ve graduated and aren’t spending every waking moment and then some in the library and Pio office, you can start to enjoy all the other cool things Walla Walla has to offer.

The tourism office has a series of brochures for different guided walks through Walla Walla. This morning, my friend Alyssa and I went on the “historic homes” (a.k.a. turn-of-the-century wheat baron mansions) walk.

What follows are some photo-worthy highlights:

1. The Carnegie Art Center—Erected 1905

Used to be the site of Walla Walla’s public library.

2. The Rees Mansion

Slightly dilapidated, reminds me of the plantation house Ryan Gosling buys and restores in “The Notebook.”

Fun fact: Rees was the co-owner of Wall Walla’s first newspaper! 

3. 1883 Victorian stick style house

Built by John Boyer (of Baker Boyer Bank and Boyer Ave. fame)

4. 1910 Tudor style house (complete with third-floor ballroom!)

5. A beautiful tree canopy we walked through

6. Miss Emma Seil’s house

Built in 1929 and based on Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello!

7. 1894 house with wrap-around porch


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