Just your average day in the tasting room…

I worked eight hours today. It was awesome.

This summer, I’m employed at a tasting room in downtown Walla Walla and I love it.

My hours are great (I mostly work nights when we have live music) because I’m still in student/night owl mode having only graduated from college a week ago. (Gross, I know.) And for the most part, I love the people I work with.

So I opened today and was expecting a slow afternoon but busier evening. Instead, almost as soon as I opened the door, a flood of people poured in wanting to do  tastings and promising that more of their wino friends were on the way. I ended up having about 20 people in the tasting room, all in town together on a Rotary Club Memorial Day weekend trip. They apparently come out to Walla Walla this time every year and we come highly recommended. They missed us last time, so they planned their day around our hours and we were their first stop. SO MUCH AWESOME.

So in my first hour today, I poured tons of tastes, gave my spiel about the wines a bazillion times, chatted with great people visiting Walla Walla, got two new members for our wine club, and sold A TON of wine. (And yes, I get commission.)

After that, we weren’t too busy before my dinner break, but once I got back and it was music time, things started rolling.

The band tonight was composed of several Whitman staff/faculty members. MORE AWESOME. The entire family of one of them came to watch (wife, two daughters under the age of five, parents). Other Whitman staff members were in attendance.

So good. Especially when they played “Wagon Wheel” and again when the aforementioned daughters decided it was time to show off their Irish dancing skillz.

I poured more wine, tapped my toes, hung out with cool people and had a great time.

Also, let it be noted that having a job that tips is awesome.

Of course, this isn’t to say that the job is perfect. Last week, a customer asked me if I’m pregnant. In case anyone is wondering, I most certainly am not. (And for the record NEVER assume a woman is expecting, wait for her to bring it up. If she doesn’t, please keep your socially constructed ideas of what the female body should look like to yourself.)

On the whole, I love my job; it is the coolest. And I love being in Walla Walla. Why am I leaving in October?


*Insert your jealousy here*


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